TGT 2016 is Officially ON!

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Coco Beach Resort

I have learned that being the Honored Mate is a worthy tradition I can’t screw up, so I feel the pressure! Wanting NOT to disappoint I scoured the tradition of TGT back to its ancient roots. I should mention that father time has NOT been kind to some of you balding surf junkies! Surf, that’s how this all started and that is what seemed to be the most logical start for my search.  I have launched an intense search for the locale with perfect waves, white sandy beaches, warm tropical breezes, crystal clear blue water, and no crowds. Then it donned on me; I nearly died while being swallowed by a behemoth wave I had no business paddling out to in El Salvador. Equally challenging is finding a spot on the globe that offers surf without a crowd.

I have considered every continent on earth. I even attempted to use the company jet for our personal TGT transportation and realized that the jet fuel cost alone wouldn’t take us very far. I could write a lengthy dissertation on all the different locales and activities considered but in the end what I am always reminded of is that it’s not so important where we go as much as when!

TGT 2016 will be affordable. It will be on the water. It will offer adventure and relaxation. Accommodations will deliver some luxury. We will NOT be in the United States but English is universally spoken. The exchange rate will be approximately 2 to 1 in our favor.

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TGT 2016 will land us back in Central America to the Island of San Pedro Belize.

Altun Ha Belize

Altun Ha Belize



Belize is not known for its surfing but it does deliver plenty. I flew to Belize this year and spent a week in paradise. It’s official!

Dates: April 29 – May 6, 2016.

Itinerary and approximate budget will be posted in the coming days.

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