“Save The Date” for the 2018 TGT

August 9th, 2017 | Posted by rob@baja3000.com in 2018 California Coast!

First. Let me just say….

TGT, 2017 – Cuba, was WAY beyond what I had ever expected. The history, the architecture, the people…heck, the over-all vibe, was off the charts!

A round of applause (everyone please), to Jof…our 2017 HM. Dude, what a logistical nightmare and you made it look so effortless. You pulled off a solid trip and an experience that none of us will forget, thank you…and darn you, for setting the bar a little higher!


Now, now…mind out of the gutter, think safe thoughts here.

And no, not a hint (or miss-spelling), to probably one of the top three “epic” TGT events in this glorious 34 year history of waves and debauchery, which included: “STP” Mosh, Gay Taco’s, Missing People, Black Powder, Dead Cattle, F*#@ca Yucca and Leather!


No sir, 2018 will be the eve of a 35 yr. tradition, which has had many bro’s cross paths, on an annual basis, to get caught up and to enjoy life.STD or “Save The Date” for the 2018 TGT trip, will be May 19th – May 26th (Location TBD).

My goal is to keep the budget within the $1500-$1800 range, based on final travel cost. As mentioned, (in Cuba) this will be a domestic trip with loads of activities. We will be trekking in the lower 48 and it will include fresh water, salt water and hoppy water. Unfortunately, some may feel this is not the trip for them, at least this time. Totally understood. Others might join up, even for a day or two?…ok, enough hints.

Boyz – Time to start squirreling away a slush fund.

TGT 2018 is 41 weeks away. That means, if you grab an envelope and shove $40.00/week in it, you will be ready to rock-n-roll on the 2018 TGT freak train!

Actual trip details will be during the winter vacation time, that way all of you should be stoked enough to get into TGT shape – After the New Year, of course.

Thanks again for your friendship.

Your 2018 HM,


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