Surfing Cabo San Lucas 2003

January 1st, 1998 | Posted by in 1998 Cabo | Past TGT Trips - (Comments Off on Surfing Cabo San Lucas 2003)

This year was a low-budget fun-fest. We flew to Cabo, rented two jeeps and headed east around the peninsula. We stopped at a great right-hander which I believe was called 9 Palms or Boyscouts. We setup camp on the beach and the fun began…. This was the year that Wyatt stomped on an urchin and pee’d on his foot. Brozda, whose father is a doctor, swore that urin would neutralize any poisons. Wyatt bought it until Neumann bellied up and tried to participate!
We went late in the summer, August I believe and the heat was off the chart. Someone fortunately brought a tarp which we strung between the jeeps for shade. It was a lifesaver.
Fun waves, about 3′-4′, good conditions and a blast with nobody out.

Upon arriving and finding our spot, we drove onto the beach and promptly got stuck. Fortunately a local happened by and yanked out the gringos.
The Neumann brothers Danny and Mark
Neumann drops in to a nameless right-hander
Brough at the same right-hand reef break
Brough at a spot in town between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas
Wyatt stoked to be out