Surfing Puerto Vallarta

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A great trip… In fact, we came two years in a row breaking unspoken rules against repetition. The first year was filled with solid surf and good times. We stayed at the same place both years, but the second year, we added a few days, 4 I believe, on a “yacht”. Both times we arrived in Puerto Vallarta (PV) but quickly headed to Punta Mita, once by rented car, and in 2000 by yacht. Punta Mita is on the south side of the big bay. I’ve heard many stories of some big golf resort going in up there since, so it’s likely that our trip was one that can’t be repeated in terms of the culture and surroundings.
Captain Richard was a trip. An older guy, very nice and quite capable, but he had some infirmities that rendered him…. well, creepy. On more than one occasion, we worried for our meager fortunes and even our health, but all was well and he proved to be a trustworthy, albeit trembling compatriot.
The highlights were many. From hitting an AWESOME secret spot north of Punta Mita by ~1 hour, near Santa Cruz, called Chacalla (the video has been lost Brozda and Wyatt) to Olson doing a back flip from the boat on the first day and turning his hand into a cloven flesh hoof. Brozda rushed him all around PV to find a doctor, who subsequently stitched him up for $30 while the rest of us surfed and sucked beers. Another day on Captain Richards ship took us to the Islas Marietas where we snorkeled and jumped from a ~30-40 cliff into the water while taking care not to crush rare bird eggs on our way to the peak.
These were two fabulous trips and many details have faded with time, but boys, pitch in to fill in the blanks.
The Yacht Sylvester and the dreaded pirate Captain Richard
Cruising around Punta Mita
A local beach front restaurant
Jof & Brozda relaxing at Ann’s place overlooking La Lancha and Wyatt napping…. because if you aren’t surfing or eating, you’re sleeping.

Fishing from the Yacht Sylvester
Jumping from a ridge on the Islas Marietas

As I said, the surf was good… Usually 3′-4′ and good fun. One particular day at Chacalla was outstanding, but I don’t have any pics (help me out boys). Here is the only surf shot I have from La Lancha, it’s Nuby from the water, behind the wave… Cool shot.
Cowabunga, this just in, I scrounged some more photos. Check it…
La Lancha
Bill Holt