TGT Arizona Style

February 8th, 2011 | Posted by in 2011 Scottsdale, AZ - (Comments Off on TGT Arizona Style)


The count down has begun… less than 30 days till TGT 2011. This year we’re bound for a road trip to Scottsdale Arizonia for some sunny weather and Giants spring training. Yes…a temporary departure from our usual surf trips to be landlocked with spring baseball and rolling hills of golf. We will also be experiencing the raw fire power behind some automatic machine gun fire. Of course all in doors and heavily supervised for those loved ones who might find this alarming.

Our trip will begin on Saturday, March 5th with a brief drive down to Wyatts. We’ll crash at Wyatts and stay long enough to powerdown a few beers and catch a few zzzz then off to Scottsdale Arizona on Sunday.

We’ll be watching the Giants play the Rangers on Monday, Mariners on Tuesday, and White Soxs on Wednesday. We will try and cram a few rounds of golf in between games as well as kicking it in the back yard by the pool. On Thursday we’ll be off testing our abilities to shoot straight while experiencing the rapid fire of machine guns at an indoor shooting range.

On Friday morning we’ll pack up and head back to Santa Cruz via Wyatts house for another overnight… then home by Saturday night.

Yer full-circle, only two-timer Honored Mate,