Bob’s Deck

September 2nd, 2008 | Posted by in Misc. - (5 Comments)

It’s been a long time since Robert Ellenwood has worked hard. Over the Labor Day weekend Bob got a new lease on life, as his wife suggested some Wood Hardener. Marilyn went to the store and purchased the Minwax product in order to firm things up. According to Marilyn, Bob has been hard at work with his new formula, turning his deck rock hard and ready for study use.

Bob Ellenwood, our friend of many years, has not been able to take care of business the way he used to. In fact, his deck has suffered significant decay over recent years. As you may know, he turned 49 just a few days ago and while Bob appears fit and content, the years have not been altogether kind. “My bones ache and it’s difficult to get up, especially when I need to perform on demand.” Happily, Bob has liberally applied the hardener to his deck and both he and Marilyn are thrilled with the results.
“If your deck is soft, riddled with fungus and disease or you have some critters in your lumber, I strongly suggest you try a generous does of Wood Hardener. The results are stunning and my wife is stoked!”

Way to go Bob!