Seven Sisters, A Wild Ride…

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Well, TGT 2010 has come and gone. We had a great time, and wish all those that couldn’t make it would have been there. I hope that everyone can make it next year.

The trip started out on Friday evening, March 5th. We drove to Wyatt’s house in LA and arrived around Midnight. We had a few brews and stayed up until 2 a.m. The next morning we woke up, had breakfast w/ the Wolfe’s then headed for the orphanage we visited in 2008, Foundation for His Ministry (FFHM) in Vincente Guererro, Baja. We arrived in the early evening after an eventless border crossing. We struck out for dinner at the Baja Fiesta restaurant in the small town, sent messages with the last internet access of the trip then tried to get some sleep.
The next morning we headed south to our final destination, The Seven Sisters. Along the way we stopped at a place we had visited two years prior during the Baja 3000 trip for a very special reason. It was a very cool place w/ huge white boulders and gigantic cactus, I’ve heard it called “The Rock Garden”. Bob had made a special memorial concrete cross for our fallen friend of some 30 years, Randy Lunsford. His plan was to erect a permanent monument to Randy in a special place where we had all shared a “moment” together almost exactly two years prior. Navigating from memory, we finally found the spot (well off the single paved highway in Baja), unloaded the generator, roto hammer, water jugs, shovel and concrete and proceeded to erect a memorial to our incredible friend.

It was pretty odd to use power tools in the middle of nowhere, but with all Bob’s planning it went off without a hitch. I cranked up the generator while Bob drilled into the large boulder on top of the mound with the best view. We trimmed the rebar and inserted the cross. Danny and Rob carried the cement bags up the hill while Bob and I fit Randy’s cross into the holes and made a makeshift cement form with smaller rocks. Rob mixed the cement, shoveled it in and when the task was complete we took some time to cheer Randy with Modelos while reflecting on his life and friendship. We then prayed and before the cement had cured we crushed our cans and wiggled them into the hardening mix along with a 2010 TGT pendant, golf ball and some of Randy’s own ashes.

Randy Lunsford Memorial Installation
29°49’10.35″N, 114°48’48.16″W

Tres Alejandros was our final destination that day. We arrived in the late afternoon and proceeded to set up camp. The waves were not very good because of the wind. We found out later that we were down there at the windiest time of the year (so much for research). That night (Sunday) we had our HM ceremony. The new HM for 2010 is none other than…. Danny Neumann. After honoring (roasting) Nuby, enjoying several beers and forcing down a couple shots of tequila it was time for bed.

Alejandros Shelter
The next day we awoke to more wind. The sun was shining however and it was time for our first competition, the long drive competition. After the practice round it was clear that it was anyone’s game, however accuracy proved to be possessed by a single competitor and accuracy was indeed key. Congratulations to Bob Ellenwood for winning the coveted longest drive contest and trophy.

Sultan of Swat, Bob E.
The next day we packed up camp and decided to head north to check out some of the magical right point breaks of the Seven Sisters. Unfortunately, it was the same old story, too much wind. After checking out several of the points, always hoping for a protected area, we ended up at Punta Maria in the early afternoon. We decided to camp there that night. Rob and Danny got out in the water for a little hurricane surf that evening while Bob and I finished setting up camp.

Punta Maria
We woke up the next morning and decided that the best thing to do was to head back south. We checked all the points again along the way and figured it was probably best to head all the way back to Tres Alejandros where we would have the best chance of protected surf. Along the way we managed to get some great footage of the Rover and K5 blasting through some serious Baja roads aka, mud and water.

Yeauh Boi!

Back at Tres Alejandros we did a little fishing, contest number dos. I was tired so I took a nap (I was probably tired because I had to cook for those lazy dorks the whole trip). They came back w/ three fish. Rob caught two, Bob caught one, And Danny got skunked. Since Rob caught the most fish he won the fishing competition trophy. We cooked ’em up and ate the three boney Mullet, not too bad at all.

Supreme Fisherman, Rob B.
The next morning we woke up to the nicest day of the trip. The sun was shining and there wasn’t much wind at all. I got out for a surf and had a great time. Danny soon followed, and then Bob suited up and came out and grabbed a few waves. When I was done, Rob grabbed my board and went out. We could’t really have a surf “contest” as planned but since Danny caught the most waves, is so dashing & stylish on a longboard and had the longest ride he received the surfing trophy.

Alejandros Right Point




Check out Bob’s video of the surf!

That night we watched the latest Terminator movie w/ a couple of young guys traveling about Baja who came down from Sonora, Ca. They were classic kids with the wanderlust spirit. (We watched movies every night thanks to the generator, TV, and DVD player. We like to camp in style).
Friday morning and time to head home… We packed up camp and headed to the main highway. Once on the road the Rover experienced hi-speed death wobbles. We checked under the car and found out that the bushings for the stearing stabilization rod were shot. We limped along at ~25 MPH around sharp turns encountering huge trucks flying by only inches away… every burst of wind threatened to hurl Bob and Danny off the road not onto a shoulder, as there weren’t any, but off a steep edge. We wiggled along to the little town of Punta Prieta and searched for a mechanic. We found a guy near the main highway and he proceeded to do the typical Mexico fix. Jam a bunch of rubber hose chunks into the space where the bushings once were. It worked like a charm and the guy only charged $27 but since the repair was worth 20X that in the states, Bob rounded up a bit. We were on the road again…

We spent the night at FFHM again for our last night in Baja and the next morning we headed across the border about four hours away. We arrived to Wyatt’s house around 6:00 that night, had pizza and beers and watched Inglorious Basterds (perfect dude flick). The next morning enjoyed breakfast w/ the Wolfe’s at the Rise and Shine and finally struck off for our final leg home.
We had a great time. Didn’t surf as much as we would have liked, but we had all our other toys w/ us to keep occupied; kites, golf gear, frisbee, 4X4s!, football, fishing poles, etc. Thanks to Bob, Danny and Rob for helping out and making a very fun and memorable trip.
See you all next year. Where are we going Danny?

Your HM for 2009,
Jeff Olson