What is up all my brothers. I am announcing the next TGT trip for 2010. This is going to be a hard core surf, camp, 4×4 drivin’ trip to the seven sisters region of Baja Ca. The dates are going to be March 5th through the 14th.

The plan is to leave La Selva Beach at about 9 pm on Friday the 5th. Get down to Wyatt’s house where we will pick up Wyatt & Joff (sorry Joff but you need to fly into LA and have Wyatt pick you up), then we will cross the border and head to FFHM (where we made our first drop on the Baja 3000), make a cash donation… our tribute to Randy. We will stay the night and then head to tres alejandros for our first night of camping. From there we will have 4 to 5 days to check out all the magical right point breaks of the Seven Sisters.
We have 2 vehicles on board already. Rob’s K-5 Blazer and Bob’s Range Rover (if it is actually running). We need 1 to 2 more. From there we will drive home after an awesome trip. Lets get it on.
Currently, this trip is only open to TGT alumni. Anyone can solicit entry, but access will be scrutinized heavily….

Your honored mate, Jeff Olson
P.S. There will be some competition once we get down there. But that is a secret for now.