2010 TGT Theme Begins to Take Shape

October 20th, 2009 | Posted by rob@baja3000.com in 2010 Baja, Seven Sisters - (Comments Off on 2010 TGT Theme Begins to Take Shape)

Ok boys,
We have a core crew of six guys that are going for sure. Rob, Bob, Danny N., Joe, Wyatt, & Myself. We still have not heard from Miller, Brozda, Sullivan, Jof & many others who probably can’t get permission from their wives anyway. We need to nail down exactly who is coming in order to figure out vehicles, partners, configuring gear, etc.
Last night Rob, Bob, Danny N., & myself got together to figure a few things out, we delegated along the way. While it is early, these tasks have been assigned.
  • Wyatt: You my friend have the biggest challenge. We would like to turn the white F-150 into the TGT 2010 Chuck Wagon. You need to find a freezer and a bbq grill/cooking area and incorporate them into you truck. You also are in charge of the wood.



  • Danny N.: Generator duty, so we can have power for lights, Bob’s toys, entertainment, etc.
  • Bob: He is going to get a projector and dvd player so we can have evening entertainment.
  • Jeff (aka, Honored Mate): I am working on the usual HM items and perhaps a few surprises
  • Joe: We haven’t come up w/ anything for you yet but make sure to bring your coffee maker.

We each also need to bring tents, sleeping bags, fishing equipement, 4 golf clubs (driver, 5 iron, wedge, & putter), Kites (Rob, Wyatt, & Joe), Surfing stuff, Clothes, etc.
If there is any thing else you guys can think of that you want to bring let me know. Lets start getting organized and stoked about this years trip. Thanks boys.
Your HM,
Jeff Olson