The Smallest Central American Country – Big Fun!

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Yes – We’re heading to El Salvador the smallest country in central America but with the largest population. We’re going to get a feel for the surf, people and environment by touring both the western and eastern coasts.  We will be departing LAX at roughly midnight and arriving on Saturday May 18 at 7:30am were we’ll be transported to La Libertad region (Western coast).  What’s great is we won’t lose a day and could possibly be surfing by 10:00am.  We will stay in the La Libertad area for 3 nights/4 days, after which, we’ll drive several hours to the east coast city of El Cuco where we’ll spend 4 nights/4 days.  We’ll be surfing (of course), exploring the Mayan temples, getting massages(not those kind Nuby) as well as possibly a zip line tour through the jungle canopy, or taking a motorcycle tour of the jungle, tour of a coffee plantation and if none of that sounds fun just fishing (something Rob and Wyatt aren’t interested in doing).

The best part is there will be plenty of sunshine and you won’t need your wetsuit because the water is about 80 degrees, yahoo!!  Of course, I can’t guarantee surf but it’s pretty likely we’ll get plenty.


Details:  El Salvador
Date: Saturday May 18 to Saturday May 25 2013
Cost includes:
Airfare from LAX – 627.00 From San Francisco approximately 675.00
Accommodations:  ~$900.00
3 nights/4 days at Casa De Mar (La Libertad), 4 full day surf tours with a surf guide, breakfast daily, airport pick-up/transfer to the east coast and our choice of 1 sight seeing tour to the Mayan Temples or City Tour.  (Lunch & Dinner are not included)
4 nights/4 days at Mira Flores (El Cuco), 1 boat trip per day, 3 meals including all non-alcoholic beverages, 1 massage per person and airport drop off.

Travel Insurance: (in case you can’t make the trip) ~$78.00
Tourist Card – $10.00
Optional Excursions:
In the La Libertad Area:
1 -3 people: Inshore – $325.00(110.00p/p) Offshore(deep sea) $525.00(175.00p/p)
2 – 6 in a larger boat: Inshore – $525.00(90.00p/p) Offshore $675 – 775.00(112.00 – 130.00p/p)
Zip Line Jungle tour – $45.00 per person
Motorcycle tour of the jungle:
Short trip(2 hours) – $30.00 per person
Long trip(4 hours) – $60.00 per person
Coffee Plantation tour – $25.00 per person
El Cuco Area:
Have to talk to the hotel staff for additional info on excursions
Fishing(2 hours)  – $40.00 per person
Tipping Hints:  $2-3 per day for housekeeping and kitchen staff;$5 per person daily for the surf guide.  Roughly $80 -100 for the trip per person.
Board Bags Fees:  Taca Airlines charge $250 per board bag with a maximum weight of 70lbs.  I figured we could triple up and only have to pay about $80.00.

Whoa with all that info. The basic cost  ~$1615.00
I figure with surfboards, excursion trips, tips, meals and spending money = approximately $2,000.00 – 2,200.00.



I’m happy you guys are stoked on TGT 2013 “El Salvador”.  I was pretty excited to final let you guys know.  It will be a great trip for surfers and non-surfers alike because TGT is all about the camaraderie, the memories and experiences we share together which form the bonds of friendship. So, Ian and everyone else, life isn’t getting any longer and you don’t want to be hanging around the table or fire while everyone is telling stories of past TGT trips especially “the time in El Salvador” and regretting that you couldn’t make it.  Believe me, I’ve been there quite a few times – Indo, Baja 3000, the Sisters – to name just a few and listening to the Rob, Wyatt and Olsee stories and wishing I had gone to have my own memories.  Therefore, I hope you can join us for eight days and roughly 2 grand of memory creating good times.  So, don’t tell yourself you can’t afford it but how can I afford it.  You have about eight months till the trip so start saivng $275 per month and you’re there!!
Did the guilt-trip work?