Bend Oregon…  March 4-10

We’re 1.5 weeks away and it is time to get down to it.
We’re heading to Bend, Oregon, tattoos on the way… Primary activities include: skiing, fly fishing. Other raucousness and the traditional contests/ceremonies will accompany these core endeavors.
Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort


Crooked River


 Sunday March 4 (EARLY):
Depart for Oregon, (exact destinations to be revealed).
Activities may include: Tattoo party and/or charity visit/donation.
Monday, March 5 (AFTERNOON/EVENING):
Arrive in Bend, Oregon house.
TGT HM Ceremony.
Tuesday – Friday, March 6-9:
Ski, Fly fishing, and other activities. Exact schedule depends on weather.
Saturday, March 10:
Depart for home….


BUDGET (p/p)
gas: $50-80
food: $200-300
Lodging: $150-250/pp (depends on how many freaks show up)
skiing/boarding: Mt. Bachelor: $150 (2 days)
fishing: $300 (includes gear and guide, 2 days)
charity: $75-100 (goal is $500+)



Ian Mackenzie
Rob Brough
Jof Abshire
Bob Ellenwood
Jeff Sedenko
Wyatt Wolfe
Jeff Olson
Joe Zuccolotto

Mark Kidd

Your HM,